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Located in Campbell County, Virginia. Please begin with an application, found here: www.friendsofcampbellcounty.org. We place calls to your vet, your landlord, and your personal reference. We ask that the pets in your home be current with rabies vaccines, spay/neutered, and seen by a veterinarian for wellness.

About Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
  • Current Size: 43 Pounds
  • Current Age: 6 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
  • Declawed: No
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: None
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

Update, 6/27/20: we’ve learned so much about this glorious girl! She still in her foster home and has made quite a place for herself there. Lois Louise adores other dogs, but because she is very shy, she loves having a leader dog that she can follow around. She’s become very close friends with one of the other dogs in her foster home. They are best buds, and Louise looks to her friend when she is unsure about what is going on. We would like to find a home with a fenced yard, (and a 4 foot fence would be absolutely fine for her.) Lois Louise loves laying out in the sun on nice days, and has managed to make it to the top of the doghouse to enjoy the rays sometimes. However a deck will suffice, as well as a  nice green corner of lawn. She’s not overly playful, but is extremely friendly. She is house trained now, and often goes into her crate just to rest. She is super with other dogs, and totally ignores the cats. Now that she has been spayed, she should have no more issues, as her amputation site has healed nicely. Do not expect this dog to be your Best friend, nor a running companion, nor one that goes to the dog park with you to make friends. Lois Louise is definitely a family dog, but one who lacks an outgoing personality, and has little desire to be with humans. She much prefers other dogs to human companionship, yet does like being cared for by people. The dogs we see with this type of behavior have generally been raised in a kennel or pack type of community where human interaction was not part of their daily routine. It’s not easy to describe this adequately, but what we are looking for is a family where it’s fine if the dog just hangs out and doesn’t bond immediately, where the adopter is fine with a dog where you can provide physical needs, and as you develop a bond, can understand that emotionally, this dog is not going to rely on you for companionship nearly as much as she will on other dogs. We know there are people out there, who are willing to go the extra mile, but we haven’t found the right one yet.

Update, 2/17/20: 

We joke that Lois Louise is our “million-dollar” dog, because of all she has been through; the reality is that she more like a $3,000 dog, and one with nine lives, like a cat. When we first got word that she had been found on a roadside with one ripped-open front leg and a crushed bone in the other front leg, and that she was a “thin” hound, we asked the vet office to stabilize her, keep her on pain meds, and give us time to assess our options. Weekends are a good time for t hat, as the vet techs who check on the dogs at a vet office are the ones who really interact with the clients and can give us a good read on personality. We got word from both a vet and the techs that Lois Louise was a real sweetie—so we committed to helping her heal, and started our fundraising campaign.

(Her double name is a result of a volunteer not remembering the name initially established for her by the animal wardens and the vet office, which was Lois. Naming Shelter pets is an art form for us: many times we incorporate the road name or area the dogs/cats are from into their names, as it helps us remember their stories and origins. She was found on Lewis Ford Road, but is female, so became Lois at the vet. When the volunteer set up a request for fundraising on FB, she drew a blank and called her Louise. Thus Lois Louise came into existence!)

LL’s surgeries to close the wound in one leg and amputate the other were not a problem—other than that her heart stopped during surgery! But her blood count dropped dangerously following surgery, and a blood transfusion at AECC was needed to keep her alive, so of course we had that done. Then an infection at the closure of the wound popped up, and required pricey but necessary heavy-hitting antibiotics to clear it up. Fluid accumulated at the amputation site, and kept her hospitalized another weekend. She was finally released to the care of a foster mom last week! And last Thursday, the staples from that site were removed and she was given the all-clear to explore and try out her tripod status at will.

Thanks to our friends at Altavista Animal Hospital; to her foster mom Cheryl Blanks; and to all of you who donated to Lois Louise’s fundraising campaign! At the same time this was happening, we were seeing two dogs through treatment for parvovirus, spending weekends running from vet to vet, while at the same time arranging two transports to rescues for other dogs. We are so grateful to our community for the help you have given! Thanks from the bottoms of our hearts!


 2/2/20: Louise (aka Lois) had amputation surgery for her badly broken leg on Friday. When I visited her at the vet office, her vet was concerned about her recovery, because her bloodwork indicated anemia, and her red cell count had dropped drastically. We discussed Louise’s best options, and made the decision to take her to AECC for the weekend so a blood transfusion could be done. Through all of this, she has remained the sweetest dog ever! UPDATE: 1/25/20: The vet had good news for us this afternoon, after we authorized bloodwork to see if there are unknown problems medically.... the answer would appear to be "no!" Here's the report: Blood work on Lois [Louise] good: a bit anemic, high WBC from infected wound, which looked better today. Positive for exposure to ehrlichia, but HW negative. Liver, kidneys, etc looked good. We have started her on oral meds. Keep on with the positive vibes, and we'll see what the x-rays reveal on Monday! ************************************************ Original post, 1/24/20: We need help! This gal has been named "Louise;" she was found by a kind citizen on Winfall Road on Thursday, and was taken to the animal hospital for assessment and treatment. She is badly injured, with a gaping wound on her leg as well as a broken bone, most likely because from being hit by a car. Louise, as you can see, is a Walker hound. Unlike many hounds that are non-socialized with humans, it appears Louise is a real people-dog, and she is a total joy! Because of the severity of her injuries, for now she is being kept comfortable, medicated for pain, and dosed with antibiotics. The vet had grim news for us, as far as the treatment she will most likely require, and we are not sure what the next step will be. Without a foster person, or a rescue to step up to agree to keep her, there is really no way we can commit to her treatment, which will be referral to an ortho specialist because of Louise's broken bones. By Monday, we will need to make a decision--shall we fundraise and try to treat? What will happen next? It all depends on finding foster care for Louise. Do you have a soft spot in your heart to aid an injured dog? Please text Stacey at 434.444.2484, if you are interested in fostering. The clock is ticking for Louise.



PLEASE NOTE: This pet has been posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control, Rustburg, VA. For questions about the pet, please email us at FOACinfo@gmail.com. All adoptions begin with an application, found under the "Animals" tab on our website, friendsofcampbellcounty.org. *Unaltered babies under the age of six months can be adopted only to residents of Campbell County, the City of Lynchburg, and counties touching Campbell County. *Unaltered adult pets six months or older will need to be sterilized before they can be adopted outside our local area of Campbell County, the City of Lynchburg, or counties touching Campbell. *We do not promote dog adoptions to homes where an invisible fence is the fencing of choice. 


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Our process begins with an application, found on our website, www.friendsofcampbellcounty.org. Once your application has been received, a volunteer will call the references you list and then will contact you.

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Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter
Louise (Lois Louise)- Not at the Shelter