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Located in Campbell County, Virginia. Please begin with an application, found here: www.friendsofcampbellcounty.org. We place calls to your vet, your landlord, and your personal reference. we ask that the pets in your home be current with rabies vaccines, spay/neutered, and seen by a veterinarian for wellness.

About Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: White with Black
  • Current Size: 25 Pounds
  • Current Age: 1 Year 5 Months (best estimate)
  • Fence Required: Yes (3 foot)
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Reaction to New People: Cautious

Fuzzie continues to wait for the right home to come along for her. She's had a few applicants who are interested, and although they sound like great people and  have great homes to offer a dog, we haven't found the right fit for Fuzzie's needs yet.

Here's an update on what we are seeing as far as her personality and what we recommend would be a good fit for her. Fuzzie is one food motivated little pup! She is now accustomed to having to work a little for her meals each day, and she truly does enjoy using her brain to search for and find her food (as shown in this video).

Fuzzie takes a while to warm up to people, and still with us, she is startled by sudden movements and doesn't like people reaching to her directly for affection (especially reaching over the top of her head). She tolerates our touch now, but she's not yet a lap dog who will shower you with kisses. So if you want a dog who shows affectionate like a lab, Fuzzie isn't your girl!

She is a quiet dog overall, occasionally she'll bark in her crate (probably telling us she needs to potty or is hungry), but there are times she is totally quiet and you can forget she's hanging out nearby. She likes a soft squeaky toy and at times will chew on a nylabone. Overall, she isn't destructive but curious about exploring and investigating areas of the kennel. She did pull a stocking off the wall one day but left it on the floor, didn't chew at it once she sniffed it. She really enjoys her leashed walks each day, and she shows great leash manners. She doesn't pull and stays pretty close to you. She still shows concern and hesitation sometimes with new noises, but she doesn't look to completely run away and looks to us now for guidance. So for someone who wants a dog to take on walks with them without needing any leash training, Fuzzie is your girl!

She is totally crate trained and shows that she really likes the security of her own space. We find her lying completely flat on her side, with her head resting on a blanket like a pillow most days. And she's pretty neat, no accidents or spilling of her water bowl.

Probably the cutest thing about her that we have observed is when she is alone in the yards, she has moments of zoomies! But, oh dear, if she catches you watching her, she gets embarrassed and immediately stops 

Fuzzie is getting more accustomed to being around other dogs at times. But she clearly doesn't want to initiate any interaction except for a sneaky sniff from behind if they aren't looking. She will choose to avoid and walk away from most dogs, even if they are ignoring her. This is what has kept her from going to a home thus far. If you are looking for a dog who is super social and needs to get along with one or more dogs in your home, Fuzzie isn't the perfect dog for you right now. It's likely that in a low-key home with a very mellow and polite dog, she could live with another dog, but the perfect home for her would likely be without another dog (we haven't tested her with cats yet but I imagine she'd either ignore or if interested could be managed easily). She doesn't show any aggression or reactivity whatsoever to other dogs, but we are advocating for what we can see is her preference, which isn't being a social butterfly with dogs.

Really, Fuzzie is a very easy dog to live with, probably one of the easiest dogs we've seen in a while in terms of not having any issues to overcome that would jeopardize a successful adoption. The biggest drawback seems to be finding someone who doesn't need a very social dog (with people or dogs) and who is willing to give her all the time she needs to develop trust. Once trust is gained and she can settle in her new environment, her new family will no doubt see so much more from her and be thankful for this adorable companion who comes in a small package!

We are fostering Fuzzie through FOAC, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please complete an application through them. Or don't hesitate to ask us for more details about her!

This pet has been posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control, Rustburg, VA. For questions about the pet, please email us at FOACinfo@gmail.com. All adoptions begin with an application, found under the "Animals" tab on our website, friendsofcampbellcounty.org. Please note that we do not promote dog adoptions to homes where an invisible fence is the fencing of choice

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Good with Dogs, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Quiet, Requires a yard, Leashtrained, Cratetrained, Independent

Our process begins with an application, found on our website, www.friendsofcampbellcounty.org. Once your application has been received, a volunteer will call the references you list and then will contact you.

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Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter
Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter Fuzzy Ears - Not at the Shelter